Press review

Press review

Krell Vanguard Universal DAC Review

D/A-Converter Test

by Matthias Böde - Stereo Magazine

Universal Genius – At first glance, Krell's Vanguard Universal DAC does not appear as universal as the name might suggest. In getting to know it, however, one quickly learns to appreciate the options and possibilities this DAC offers – while doing the same for its sound!


Krell K-300i review

By What Hi-Fi?

A hugely talented entry-level integrated amplifier from Krell Tested at £8798 (with digital module)


The Krell K-300i

Return of a classic

By Gregory Petan

It’s funny what you remember. My tenure with Krell goes way back, to the demo room I was scared to enter, where an early Krell KSA 150 was matched to a pair of Apogee Stage speakers. Even though I had just purchased a Rotel integrated from the same dealer the “Krell room” seemed like exalted territory.


Krell K-300i integrated amplifier

By Jason Victor Serinus

I was less than thrilled by Editor-in-Chief Jim Austin's suggestion to review the solid-state Krell K-300i integrated amplifier ($7000, plus an additional $1000 for the optional DAC).


Krell K-300i

Integrated Stereo Amplifier Reviewed

By Dennis Burger

There are few things in the AV market right now that excite me quite so much as the melding of high-end two-channel audio with the latest in video connectivity. Let's face it: those of us who build wall of separation between our two-channel and AV rigs are dinosaurs at this point (though, in my defense, I mostly do so more out of habit, lifestyle, and the necessities of testing than anything else).


Krell K-300i Integrated Amplifier

by Vedran Simunovic

You’ve seen it many times in the movies. A prodigal son, or a lone cowboy, or a legendary warrior returns from what was really a self-inflicted exile. A long time ago he was the best, but something happened and he lost his way for a while. Now he’s with us again. Everyone cheers, hats fly into the air and an old friend throws a welcoming arm around his shoulders and in a soft, moving voice says: “Welcome back!” Enter Krell’s new high-tech K-300i integrated amplifier.



By Stephan Schmid

Der in ein sehr schickes Kleid gewandete Krell K-300i hat es faustdick hinter seiner Aluminium-Frontplatte. Diesem Vollverstärker fehlt es an nahezu nichts – eigentlich ist er fast schon ein All-in-one-Gerät.


Krell K-300i Integrated Amp/DAC

By - Review: Andrew Everard, Lab: Paul Miller

We're a long way from the old idea of hairshirt hi-fi here: the latest heavyweight integrated amp from Krell's Connecticut factory comes fully-loaded – and then some!


Einzeltest: Krell K-300i


By Michael Voigt -

Leistung ist schön, doch ein guter Verstärker sollte mehr bieten als reine Kraft. Krell hat dies mit dem K-300i gut umgesetzt.


Krell K-300i Amplifier

By Janine Elliot

American brand Krell is a name synonymous with big and powerful amplifiers. Here Janine takes their £8998 (including digital board) K-300i Integrated, distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds, and puts it through its paces.


What is the Krell K-300i?


The Krell K-300i is an integrated amplifier. Like many (most even) integrated amplifiers we’ve looked at in recent years, it has the option of including a selection of digital inputs. There are two unusual facets to this though. The first is that this is something that Krell hasn’t offered before. The company has built amps for amplifying and sources to connect to them and has been content not to let those two things mingle. The second is that, having made the jump, they’ve not held back - as we shall cover, this is one of the most comprehensively specified examples of the breed we’ve yet to test.